Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wing King of Cleveland

One of Ben's many talents is that he can eat remarkably fast. While at school the other day, he heard that there would be a buffalo wing eating contest held that evening at Buffalo Wild Wings. He decided to put his talent to good use and enter that contest. So when he got home he said, "Maggie! Don't cook dinner. We're going out!" We drove down to the particular location where this competition was taking place, Ben ate his heart out, aaaaaand he won by eating ~22 oz. of meat.

A few weeks later, we headed back up to Buffalo Wild Wings for the semi-finals. Unfortunately, Ben didn't "eat his best," but he was still able to pull off a 3rd place prize--a $25 gift certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings. Happily, that means we'll be back. Maybe next year he'll take the crown...

1 comment:

  1. Next year, I'll totally take Ben down. I heart wings.