Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Belated Valentines Day

I came home from a short visit to Utah to find tulips on the table from my sweetie. I had stayed up late the night before making him some of his beloved, family-recipe honey taffy. Meanwhile, he'd been scheming to provide me with a perfectly wonderful Valentine's evening.
When he got home from school, he insisted on making me a delectable dinner--steak, baked potatoes, fresh green beans, and portabella mushrooms. While he cooked, I was instructed to get ready and to dress nice because we were going out after dinner.
The food was spectacular. When we were finished with our meal he told me that he was taking me to Severance Hall to see the Cleveland Orchestra, and we had box seats!

The hall itself is beautiful, and the orchestra was even more so. The program was as follows:

SIBELIUS - Symphony No. 7
SZYMANOWSKI - Violin Concerto No. 1
NIELSEN - Symphony No. 4
("The Inextinguishable")

The last was easily my favorite with a riotous end involving a battle of tympanis, but I really enjoyed the first two, as well. Ben particularly liked the violin concerto.

Because we had fancy box seats we got to join all the old people for cookies and drinks in a reserved room during intermission--ginger snaps, lemon cookies, and wine glasses for our H2O.

Isn't my sweetie a sweetie?

Ben says: I was wondering why the baseball was getting bigger... then it hit me.

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  1. Ok..I love that Ben has a quote at the end of each blog post. Also, I love that you have a grown up life. :)

    Benny--You are taking better care of my best friend than I EVER could. Good job!