Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

It's still a work in progress, but here are the long-awaited photos of our little house in Cleveland. It really is fairly small, but because Ben used a wide-angle lens when he took the pictures, everything looks much bigger than reality. The kitchen, for example, is quite small:

Here, you can see one of my first sewing projects--the curtains. When we moved in there were these terrible "curtains" up that didn't fit the window and they had crazy ugly roosters on them. When I saw this material at the store, I couldn't resist buying it. More roosters...slightly more classy.
We also had next to zero storage place in the kitchen, so we invested in the microwave stand and made use of a closet organizer for the white shelving in the corner.

Some homemade magnets from my mission decorate the side of the fridge.

We only ever use the kitchen door (the point from which Ben took the kitchen's picture). When you look to your left upon entry, you see this view of our bedroom. We like the red curtains, but if they stay closed too long into the day, the entire room is a lovely shade of pink.

One of my current obsessions: houseplants. It started with our herbs and has expanded to include this umbrella tree. I have many more ideas in mind, but most of the nurseries are still closed in cold Cleveland.

The famous Texas star has a place in the hallway across from the bathroom.

Ben and I went antique shopping a few weeks ago and picked up this window. After a coat a paint and some artistic sanding, it made a nice addition to our bathroom.

Given the central location (and Ben and my love for good food), the dining room is one of the most frequented rooms of the house. I would also like to note that all the furniture in this room was free.

Ben snagged a picture of a general dinner set-up, minus the food.

Another one of my little art projects. I like the effect, but most people ask, "Are those supposed to be empty?"

The living room is known fondly as our "brown room." Brown floor, brown walls, brown TV stand, brown rug, brown couches. One day we'll have more color.... Meanwhile, those brown couches were somewhat hard to come by. We love them, but they're HUGE. The sofa had to be hoisted over the balcony and brought in through the french door your see in the right corner.

On the other side of the living room, slightly more color is provided by our book and game collection. Ben and I like to read aloud to each other, and that habit is aided by our expansive selection.

Off the living room is a small sun room that houses the desk and piano. Despite the fact that it's the coldest room in the house, it's also the sunniest, and, as such, is one of our favorite corners.

Ben says: George Washington never had "wooden teeth", as is so commonly believed. They were actually made out of rhino tusk and over the years, lines and cracks and discoloration have made them look kind of like wood.


  1. Wow this place is GAWGEOUS. Thanks for the tour. I myself have a brown room and it drives me nuts. We will have to compare. Your place looks way cute and your hubby looks super studly at the end. Congrats you two!

  2. So vintage, small and perfect. Seems like you've been busy. I'm glad you are loving it and loving married life. Yes Sarah the Ben picture is studly, but the comment, nerdy! haha. I guess you can blame dental school. Congratulations on your new house.

  3. Ah! We are so much the same!!! I love love love everything! Yeah, the frames...totally coveting right now. I've always planned to do a cool frame wall like that.

    Love you!

    Oh, and I love what Ben had to say. He's so knowledgeable.

  4. Ah! We are so much the same!!! I love love love everything! Yeah, the frames...totally coveting right now. I've always planned to do a cool frame wall like that.

    Love you!

    Oh, and I love what Ben had to say. He's so knowledgeable.

    (P.S. I was accidentally logged in as Steph, so I re-posted under my name :)

  5. haha, Jen. I was so confused as to who steph was. My first thought was Stephanie Lee, but then I couldn't figure out how she got my blog address. Glad the identity crisis is over.

  6. it's HUGE! I especially LOVE the curtains. Favorites: curtains, menorah, piano, fake window, the tulips, and BEN.


  7. wow can i just say that you both are adorable and I LOVE your house! Even cuter than you described it! You two are a fairytale come true.......and i mean that in a "no i have not secretly....or not so secretly.....been wishing that you would end up with Ben for years" kind of way :) i'm going to call you soon so be prepared.....or maybe I'll just head over to your place in the yacht :)

  8. Maggie! I'm so excited you have a blog!! Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!! BUT- If you think THAT'S small- you need to come visit our one bedroom APARTMENT for a couple days. :) We'll show you what small really is. :) ENJOY IT! And- You're going to SERIOUSLY have to teach me some decorating skills! I LOVE what you've done with your place! Oh- and what a FABULOUS valentine's day you had!! Lucky you! :)

  9. Cousins:

    I LOOOOOVE YOUR HOUSE!!!!! It's a total transformation from the pics before you moved in! I like that: so many of the walls are painted; it's colorful; you got free dining room furniture; Maggie finally got her picture frame wall; the couches look comfy; etc. That is so exciting!

    Also, what happened to my bunkbed room? Did it become the office? Oh, I also love your bedding!

    Finally comment: of COURSE boing boing got a link...pahahaha!