Saturday, October 22, 2011

General Conference

I've been wanting to go apple picking for a while now, and since I took off work on the Saturday of General Conference I decided that that morning was a perfect time to go. It was forecast to rain, but we were determined, so we bundled up and went trudging through the wet mud to pick a few bags of apples.

Ben and I picked a lot of apples for applesauce--which turned out to be delicious! We also got some good apples for eating and filled our bellies with Patterson's famous apple fritters. Oh my, do they know how to make donuts!

Conference was lovely, as usual. It was so nice to just relax and spiritually feast in the coziness of our own home. Ben made his yummy guac and I provided some spinach artichoke dip for our munching pleasure. Sunday morning, we headed over to the other Copes for the traditional cinnamon roll ring breakfast and the first session of conference.

We ended up heading back to their house for the afternoon session accompanied by a fairly large group because the electricity went out for a huge section of Cleveland Heights and University Heights. The Jones's were in the party and Kristy provided a really good pumpkin and chicken soup with crescent rolls for the group, so all was merry, despite the "inconveniences" of technology.

Ben says: Today, 64 million Tootsie Rolls were produced, and I haven't eaten a single one.

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