Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Has it really been 5 months since I last posted?

Well, quite a bit has happened since October. Let's highlight a few:
November - baby scare. Contractions started and we thought our little guy might be coming early. I had to spend ~48 hours in the hospital and receive steroids for baby boy. We rescheduled Thanksgiving, and Mom and Dad Bertucci came to visit us in Cleveland instead. We had a grand time and hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner.

Our first Christmas tree (with help from Mom and Dad Bertucci).

December - Christmas was spent in California with the Copes after a somewhat risky flight. We were there for a good 2 1/2 weeks and enjoyed time spent with the entire family. David spent the entire time playing Zelda. Everyone was all about the babes--you can never get enough time with a baby, right? Especially when that baby isn't yours. My cup was filled to the brim with all the kindness and presents received. And our waistbands were filled to the brim with all the goodies eaten. Diets were a must once we came home.

January - Welcome to the world Elijah John Cope! We loved this little boy sooo much. Couldn't ask for a better kid (or a cuter one). Happy times spent at home with him while I recovered. Mom Cope and Mom Bertucci came out for a visit and just spoiled us. Ben fell in love with My Fitness Pal and is back to his normal weight. I'm not quite there yet. Ben also matched to the GPR at the University of Utah!

February - this month went by quickly. It seems to have been filled with hugs, kisses, and baby smiles. Not to mention Downton Abbey. We've also spent a good deal of time planning for the big move and the Ohio things we want to do before we leave. So far we're doing a weekend in Niagra Falls and Palmyra and a few days in DC. We're also going to Amish country for a stay at a little bed and breakfast one weekend (this was one of my Christmas presents from Benny).

March - what will this month bring (besides the end of my maternity leave)? So far, it brought us Ben's graduation present from his folks: a new all-in-one HP desktop. Fancy and fast. Also, FLORIDA! We leave for Disney World, and perhaps more importantly HARRY POTTER WORLD, next week. But before that, my dad's coming out for Eli's baby blessing this Sunday. So excited!

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